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Born in Bangkok, raised in Boston, worked in San Francisco, and now residing in Hong Kong, I consider myself a citizen of the world. As a youth, I use to believe my background made me an “odd-ball”, but as an adult, I realized my cross-cultural experiences gives me an ease and fluidity to understand business and people from all walks of life.  

I’ve worked in marketing for over 18 years and in a senior management role for the last several years. My work spans print and online media publications, conferences, trade events, B2C and B2B brands and markets.

After graduating from Boston University’s School of Management, my career moved me to San Francisco where I worked for several brands at International Data Group (IDG) in marketing and project management roles.  Some of these titles include the print, online, and physical events for Infoworld, PCWorld, and Macworld magazines. This period in my career really taught me how to hustle and develop working knowledge of audience development, digital marketing, and running events.


I eventually got recruited to work for competitor UBM and served as the Marketing Director for their videogame portfolio which spans the Game Developer Conferences  (GDC) which took place in the US, China, and in Germany annually, and their host of editorial products including Game Developer Magazine and The years I spent working in the videogames industry was incredible and gave me a deep appreciation for the art and science of making games. During this time, I managed several marketers and creative professionals responsible for producing amazing work across multiple product lines.  During this time, I also got to meets many famous people in the industry from the creators of Nintendo and Playstation to the inventors of Packman and Rock Band.


Eventually, my work within the video game portfolio gained international attention within the events industry and took me back home to Asia to work at the divisional level for UBM Asia Ltd. During these nine years, I became part of the management team that transformed a US$350 million dollar business into that of a US$600+ million business and which became largest trade exhibition business in Asia.

During this period, I grew from Head of International Marketing to Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications.  I worked with and coached some 400+ event marketers and professionals who organized such famous events as Cosmoprof Asia, Hotelex, Food&Hotel Asia, Intermach Thailand and many more. During these years, myself and my team created over 100 bespoke marketing trainings covering areas like marketing planning, digital marketing, social media marketing, public relationships, media strategy and building up partners in marketing.  We conducted thousands of hours of training sessions and even wrote two company books: The Introduction to B2B Marketing and Asia’s Journey to Virtual Events. I also spearheaded the marketing and communications strategy for UBM’s strategic alliance with Alibaba between 2014 – 2016.


I love all things marketing related, but what I love even more is helping folks to achieve things they never thought possible. My team and I developed the famous UBM Asia Marketing Meeting & Awards which ran for eight years annually and which garnered a best corporate event awards at the 2015 Event Marketing Awards.

In between work, I would often be invited as a speaker and expert in the field of B2B event marketing and have spoken all over the world at industry events and universities.

Today, I look to expand my knowledge of different businesses and industries through working with all different types of companies, people, and organizations.  I strive everyday and with every encounter for folks to feel more confident and eager to bring their marketing goals closer to fruition and success.

Feel free to check out my services and contact me for a chat to learn more about how we can work together.

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